• Plaintiff bought painting materials from Defendant’s retail store, including paint, solvents, etc. and received advice from the store clerk concerning the work she was to reform in her house. She claimed that while following the advice, the flammable solution caught fire resulting in third degree burns over a significant portion of her body. Injuries included burns, scarring, lifetime care, limitations in movement, and disfigurement caused by allegedly negligent advice. The plaintiff also claimed reduction in past and future earnings. 

• Plaintiff motorcyclist was following defendant’s vehicle while riding with several motorcyclists. While passing defendant on the right, defendant swerved to the right hitting plaintiff and knocking him into garbage cans. Coincidentally, one of the following motorcyclists captured the entire accident on his GoPro. Plaintiff sustained fractures and various soft-tissue injuries as a result of defendant’s claimed negligence. 

• While at defendant gym, plaintiff was working with weights on a bench which collapsed resulting in a fractured hip and various soft-tissue injuries. Plaintiff claimed that negligent maintenance of the equipment caused the bench to fail. 

• Plaintiff claimed that defendant public entity failed to properly maintain a public sidewalk. As a result, the sidewalk buckled causing the plaintiff to trip and fall and to sustain fractures to the shoulder and wrist along with soft-tissue injuries. 

• Plaintiffs were driving on a public highway when defendant driver crossed over the centerline and hit plaintiffs head-on. The area had been the scene of other similar accidents or near accidents. Plaintiffs alleged negligence of the teenage defendant and negligent supervision by his father. 

• Teenage Plaintiff claimed that Defendant’s car rear-ended the car in which she was a passenger causing her car to burst into flame. Plaintiff suffered various injuries including blindness in one eye. Special damages included medical bills, life care needs including psychological care, and extensive reduction of future income.